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+ How to choose curtains for the living room?

You can choose your curtains for the living room based on your desired sunlight level, style, color, fabric, and existing decor. Sedar also offers consultation services to assist customers who need it for their selection process. 

+ How to hang curtains?

You can hang curtains by attaching curtain rods securely to the wall or ceiling, sliding the curtain rings onto the rod, and then draping the curtains. For the curtains with rails like pinch pleat and ripple fold, you will need to wall mount by a squint. Yet, At Sedar, we take care of the entire process for you from start to finish. 

+ How to measure curtains?

For fabric curtains, measure the height from the floor, extending above the window, and adjust based on the curtain style. Then, for the width, leave 30 cm on each side of the window, or take the full width if space is limited. Your personal preference is vital in finding the right fit. You can also check our measuring guides for a more detailed demonstration. 

+ What are blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are specially-designed curtains that block out the light, providing privacy and preventing sunlight from entering your room. You can find some of Sedar's best selections here

+ How can I wash my curtains?

Check the care instructions on the curtains' label. However, most curtains should be dry cleaned. 

+ What are the different types of curtains?

Curtains have various types, some of which include sheer curtains, blackout curtains, thermal curtains, panel curtains, and drapes. 

+ How do I choose the right color and pattern for my curtains?

Consider the existing color scheme and style of your room. Neutral colors or complementary shades often work well. Patterns should complement other elements in the space as well. Sedar offers consultation services to assist customers who need it for their selection process. 

+ How do I choose the right type of fabric for my curtains?

You should consider factors like the desired privacy level, light control, and style to choose the suitable curtain fabric. More lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen offer a breezy look, while heavier fabrics provide better insulation. 

+ Where can I purchase custom-printed curtains?

We offer custom-printed curtains with the customer's desired design printed on high-quality curtains. Contact us or visit our stores for more details. 

+ Where can I purchase curtains with Swarovski?

We offer curtains adorned with Swarovski crystals of various designs & colors to match your taste. Contact us or visit our stores for more details. 

+ What are motorized curtains?

Motorized curtains can be opened and closed by a motorized system from a distance without manual operation. Remote or smart home automation apps are used to control such curtains. 

+ Can I automate my curtains?

Curtains can be automated by connecting our motors to smart home automation systems and devices, such as Tahoma Switch by Somfy. Contact us or visit our stores for more details. 

+ What are folding doors?

Folding doors are space-saving doors that fold in sections when opened. They are ideal for creating new spaces and more privacy at home. Sedar offers a wide range of folding doors that you can check. 

+ What are the benefits of folding doors?

The benefits of folding doors include the following:

  • Maximizing space utilization by segmentation.
  • Providing more privacy.
  • Adding uniqueness to your home decor. 
+ What materials are folding doors made of?

Folding doors are usually made of durable PVC material (plastic).

+ What sizes do folding doors come in?

Sedar offers folding doors customized to various sizes based on individual requirements, up to 10 meters. 

+ How do I choose the right wallpaper for my room?

To choose the suitable wallpaper for your room, you must consider various factors, like your style, the room's purpose, size, lighting, color scheme, pattern, durability, and maintenance. Look for samples to visualize the wallpaper in your space before deciding on one. 

+ How do I measure for wallpaper?

To measure for wallpaper:

  1. Use a tape measure to determine the height and width of each wall.
  2. Measure from floor to ceiling for the height and from one corner to the other for the width.
  3. Measure at multiple points along each wall to account for any variations. 
+ Can I apply wallpaper over existing wallpaper?

Yes, you can apply new wallpaper over the existing one. Ensure the wallpaper is in good condition and firmly adhered to the wall. Clean the surface and repair any damaged areas. Consider using a primer or wallpaper liner for a smooth base.

+ How long does wallpaper last?

Wallpaper lifespan varies. However, it can last longer with proper care and avoidance of humidity and dust. Additionally, proper installation and glue quality play essential factors as well.

+ What are blinds?

Blinds are window coverings made of slats or vans that can be tilted or raised/lowered to control light and privacy. Roller blinds and CS Zebra blinds are examples of different types of blinds that provide versatile light control and privacy options. However, it's worth noting that roller shades are often referred to as roller blinds in some regions.

+ What are shades?

Shades are fabric window coverings that can be rolled or folded to adjust the amount of light and privacy in a room. They offer a softer, diffused light compared to blinds. Roman shades are a famous example of this type of window treatment, known for their elegant and tailored appearance. 

+ What is the difference between blinds and shades?

Blinds have slats for adjustable light control, while shades are made of fabric for diffused light.

+ What are the benefits of blinds and shades?

Blinds and shades offer light control, privacy, and insulation to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space.

+ What types of blinds and shades are available?

Sedar offers a wide range of blinds and shades, including Venetian, woven bamboo shades, roller blinds, and more.

+ What are outdoor sun shades?

Outdoor sun shades are window coverings that block sunlight, reduce glare, and provide shade for outdoor spaces like patios or decks.

+ What are the benefits of outdoor sun shades?

The benefits of outdoor sun shades include UV protection, heat reduction, glare reduction, privacy, and comfortable outdoor living space.

+ What materials are outdoor sun shades made of?

Outdoor sun shades are typically made of durable materials like polyester, vinyl, or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mesh fabric. 

+ How do I install outdoor sun shades?

Our specialists will handle the installation of outdoor sun shades and provide consultation throughout the process.

+ Are there different types of canopies?

Yes, there are different types of canopies, including pop-up canopies, portable canopies, shade sail canopies, and permanent canopies. You can buy permanent canopies from any of our stores. Contact us for more details.

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