Japanese inspired Roman Blinds

Tasked with providing an air of luxury in your home, Sedar's range of products create harmony throughout your living spaces.

The Fujikawa collection features a wide array of window coverings, including Roman blinds, in a range of different styles, colors, sizes, and designs to suit all types of windows.


Make a statement

Sedar seeks to create comfort and excellence in every home it touches.

With its warm colors and classic designs, Fujikawa's collection of Roman blinds adds a touch of style and elegance to any living space.

Every room should have its own personality and theme, which is distinguishable from moment the your step inside. Fujikawa's Roman blinds are carefully designed to ignite your senses.


Japanese design

Inspired by the traditional arts and heritage of Japan, Fujikawa's Roman blinds are streamlined, minimalist and elegant.

Fujikawa's focus is to create a subtle, simple aesthetic and incorporate elements of
Japanese culture into modern homes.