Sedar is known for providing a vast range of designs and styles of draperies to complement the interior design of your home and meet the needs of your living spaces.

Sedar's contemporary designs, classic styles and modern accessories give every room a touch of glamor.

Something for everyone

Whatever the design of your house, the style of your furniture, or the colour of your room, our drapes offer the perfect solution to harmonise with the current aesthetic of your home.

Our collection of drapes work with all types of windows and offer full privacy, energy efficiency and superior style.

All of our products are chic and functional, begin exploring our vast range and find the drapes you have always dreamed of waking up to.


Top designers

Sedar gathers together only the top designers and craftsmen to provide the highest quality of materials and textiles. All of our products, including the drapes, are produced with two philosophies in mind: creativity and craftsmanship.

Decor to impress

Whether you're looking for simple or minimalist themes or elaborate, ornate pieces, Sedar collections are made to suit all requirements.

With Sedar drapes, your house will be ready to host guests at any time.


Relaxed ambience

No matter the style of ambience you want to create in your home, a small addition, such as a drape framing the window, will make all the difference and set the mood.

Our drapes create a sense of relaxation, luxury and through aesthetics alone, instantly update and enhance your living spaces.