Your home is your canvas let’s

create a masterpiece.

Choose from iconic works in The Met collection, each available for customization to suit your individual style.

Whether it’s the classic charm of Renaissance art or the bold strokes of modernism, our range offers something for every aesthetic. 

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Discover curtains inspired by the Met's art collections, merging timeless beauty with Sedar Global's craftsmanship. Elevate your space with designs that reflect historical and contemporary artworks, tailored to perfection.


Enhance your interiors with blinds featuring exclusive Met artwork. Our collection offers a unique blend of functionality and artistry, designed to complement any decor style while providing privacy and light control.


Transform your walls into a canvas of cultural heritage with our wallpaper collection, in collaboration with the Met. Each design is a masterpiece, bringing the world's art directly into your home for an unparalleled aesthetic experience.


Our upholstery line, in collaboration with the Met, infuses your furniture with the essence of classic and modern art. Reimagine your living space with high-quality fabrics that speak volumes of elegance and history.


Add a touch of artistic flair to any room with cushions inspired by the Met's diverse art collection. These decorative pieces blend comfort with culture, making every seating area a focal point of artistic expression.

Sliding Fabric Panels

Innovate your home with sliding fabric panels adorned with iconic artworks from the Met. This collection redefines spaces, offering versatile and stunning room dividers that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

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