Enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your own home is now possible with Sedar’s awnings. Acting as an effective external shading window treatment, awnings keep your house cooler by reflecting sunlight and sheltering your home from the scorching summer heat.

Blending style with functionality, Antartica awnings are the perfect solution for your deck, patio or balcony, adding flair to every outdoor space with colorful and simple designs.


Tailored to your needs

The range of Antartica awnings from Sedar are manufactured to the exact size you require to complement not only your architectural style, but also your home décor.

Using the finest quality materials in the market, awnings are made to withstand extreme weather conditions, including storms, rain and harsh sunlight.


Innovative designs

Available in all shapes and sizes, the Antartica awnings collection offers both manual and motorized awnings, which also come in different colors to match your outdoor living spaces and external paint color.

Awnings enhance your windows, ensuring a more polished and appealing look. In addition, window awnings are also considered the most affordable way to cool your house.


Control the weather

With Sedar's retractable awnings you have control over the weather. The sun and wind sensors automatically react to the climate, with the awning either folding or extending to keep you and your home safe and protected.

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