Sedar Curtains Zoom Dimout Blinds

Simple solution

York Weave's collection of zoom dim-out blinds allows you to reduce the amount of light entering your space and eliminate the need for additional window coverings.

A hint of light is all your space needs to create an inviting ambiance and exude coziness and comfort.


Durable and timeless

Made using a dense weave to ensure maximum durability, York Weave's dim-out fabrics come in a variety of colors and designs to suit your needs.

A popular choice for their practicality, zoom dim-out blinds are timeless, stylish and blend perfectly with your home décor.


Functional textiles

Manufactured using high quality textiles that enable a small amount of light to penetrate, York Weave's dim-out blinds are also soundproof. Sedar's collection of zoom dim-out fabrics improve the quality of living and enhance the overall appeal of any space.