Classic Wooden Venetian Blinds

Providing your spaces with style and practicality is one of Sedar’s main aims. We offer a contemporary set of blinds to fulfil our customers’ needs.

Our products are investment pieces, made with the long-term in mind and designed to withstand years of regular use.

Timeless and elegant, the wooden Venetian blinds from the Marco Polo range offer a chic solution to your window coverings and provide privacy and shade.


Natural enhancement

The wooden Venetian blinds from Marco Polo are just another fine example of what Sedar can do. They provide an ongoing source of elegance and style to all spaces.

Marco Polo's Venetian blinds have a wood finish and come with additional accessories, including laces or strings.

When opened, the blinds allow sunlight to trickle in and create ambiance in your living spaces.

When sunlight penetrates through the Venetian blinds it creates a magical scene and sets the mood within your home.  


Massive variety of options

Marco Polo's wooden Venetian blinds are available in a range of different wood finishes and trims including ladder string or fabric tape.

Our Venetian blinds are highly durable, effective and a stylish shading solution to suit all homes.