Jewellerized Wooden Blinds

Embellished blinds

Swarovski's natural wooden blinds complete the the look and feel of your rooms and mesh well with all types of interior themes and home décor styles. 

Elegant and stylish                 

Decorated with crystals in different designs, Swarovski's embellished wooden blinds bring your spaces to life and make your rooms more welcoming. They add a touch of elegance to instantly lift your rooms.

The perfect solution for customers looking to add a touch of luxury to simple spaces, Swarovski's wooden blinds never fail to impress.

Light control

Featuring thick slats which shade your rooms from even the smallest rays of light, Swarovski's blinds provide your home with the privacy and comfort you seek.

The slats can also be adjusted to limit the amount of natural light allowed in, giving you complete control over the lighting in your space.