Customizable Vertical Blinds

Functional and affordable

Available in a wide variety of UV-resistant colors, materials, finishes and textures, Antartica's vertical blinds are waterproof, affordable and made of antibacterial aluminum.


Natural ambiance

Antartica's vertical blinds allow natural light to seep in, even when closed, creating a soothing atmosphere and cozy ambiance. The result is a softer look, which adds mood to your living spaces.

Designed to match all styles of home decor, Antartica's vertical blinds from Sedar are known for their smooth surfaces, which work to eliminate the collection of dust.

A smarter option

Made from waterproof polyester, which makes them easy to clean and operate in indoor and outdoor spaces, Antartica's vertical are the smartest solution for any office or living space.

With vanes that can be easily changed if damaged or stained, the vertical blinds from Antartica are the smarter choice for a more streamlined, practical window treatment.