Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Light-filtering fabrics

Made with quality light-reducing fabrics, York Weave's sunscreen roller blinds absorb light and control heat, making them durable and energy efficient.

With the ability to block up to 90 percent of the incoming heat, York Weave's blinds are an extremely popular choice for spaces that are exposed to direct sunlight.


Style and practicality

York Weave's sunscreen roller blinds allow in silhouettes of light that won’t compromise your view or privacy and are a contemporary solution for all your shading needs.

They are the perfect addition to any space and create ambiance within your home.


Stable at all times

Featuring a durable, stainless steel chain, York Weave's sunscreen roller blinds are long-lasting and have the ability to endure all weather conditions.

Sedar's collection of sunscreen roller blinds feature the perfect mix of black-out and translucent blinds.