Sun and Wind Sensor

Sun and wind sensing

Designed to make life easier, Sedar's collection of retractable awnings brings quality and creativity into your home. Made with heat- and wind-resistant fabrics to endure both  sun and strong winds, Somfy's curtains are manufactured with care to make life more enjoyable.


Energy efficient

Designed to reduce energy consumption, Somfy's sun and wind sensors automatically retract when it's windy, while at the same time, alerting you to stay indoors and protect yourself from the weather.


Smart design

Somfy's sun and wind sensors start up automatically when the daylight or wind exceeds the threshold limit, retracting your awnings and protecting your surroundings from potential damage.


State-of-the-art technology

Combining the latest and the most innovative solutions with cutting-edge technology, Sedar curtains cater to all home needs and ensure a safe environment within which your family can enjoy your outdoor living spaces.