Elegant Stage Curtains

The reliable choice

Sedar curtains is one of the leading providers of stage drapes in the region and DenHaag offers a smart and customizable option for all spaces.

Whether you're looking to dress a theatre, cinema, palace, auditorium or university lecture hall; Sedar's range of stage curtains is exactly what your space needs.

Safe yet chic  

DenHaag stage curtains adhere to the international flame retardant safety standards, making them a safe and practical choice. Not only do they add a touch of elegance to your space, they also help to create ambiance, drama and set the mood. 

High quality

DenHaag stage curtains are manufactured using high quality fabrics and textiles, which makes them the ultimate solution for all types of productions and events.

Custom-made to suit your space and needs, Sedar curtains never fail to impress.