Classic Roman Blinds

Sedar has excelled over the years in establishing innovating new concepts in windows treatment and we are continuing along this path with the Marco Polo range.

All of our window treatments, including the Roman blinds from Marco Polo, offer more than just fresh ideas and functions. More than just a shade or a window cover, Marco Polo's unique designs are essential to enhancing the look of your home.


You can find a wide range of Roman blinds in our showrooms and stores around the Middle East. Each and every item is made with high quality materials to add an element of luxury and create ambience in every room.

What's most unique about our blinds is that they are truly versatile. We offer plenty of options and a range of designs to blend with all décor themes. 

A range of finishes

Marco Polo specialises in materials and fabrics which team well with all sorts of furnishings. We offer blinds made of wood, plastic, cotton, silk and more.

Our blinds are available with blackout lining to fully block out sunlight and provide the kind of shade you want. They also smoothly drape over the window to ensure completely privacy.


Add accessories

The Marco Polo range at Sedar features a handful of additional accessories to decorate your Roman blinds, including trimmings, lace and gatherings.