Customisable Pleated Blinds

Fashion meets functionality

Manufactured in Germany and available in a wide variety of designs and colors, Sedar pleated blinds are made with high quality fabrics to combine fashion with practicality.

Our entire collection of pleated shades can be lined with two different materials that not only reduce heat intensity, but also reflect sunlight.


Easy to use

As well as being made to fit and easy to attach to all type of windows, Sedar's pleated blinds can be customized to suit all homes, décor themes and window sizes. 

Even when half-closed, our pleated blinds are securely supported due to sturdy clips which not only help hold them in position but are also pleasing on the eye.


Eco-friendly option

Made of recyclable materials, Antartica's pleated shades are an excellent choice for eco-conscious home owners who value the environment as much as they do style.

With a strong focus on saving energy and protecting the environment, our pleated shades naturally cool spaces during summer and retain heat during winter.