Customisable Pillows

Transforming spaces

Accessorizing your sofas with a statement pillow can transform the appearance of your space and enhance the vibe of any room.

Sedar's customizable pillows not only create an air of elegance and sophistication within your home, but also complement your window coverings and tie together your theme.


Brighten up rooms

As well as an exciting range of colors and fabrics, the collection includes a wide variety of shapes, from square and rectangular to round and heart-shaped. Our pillows will transform your space in the best way possible.

To make a statement, opt for colors that contrast with your interior theme to add drama and draw attention to the your favorite furnishings.

Focal points

Sedar's range of pillows can be arranged to create focal points and add accents to neutral or classic themes. They're also ideal to add even more impact to bold or contemporary décor styles.