Elegant Nonwovern Wallcoverings


Non-woven wallcoverings

Sedar is always striving to maintain the high standards it sets in luxury and elegance across each of its collections.

Fujikawa offers a wide range of high quality drapes, accessories and drapes rails as well as non-woven wallcoverings.

Each piece is an artwork in itself. No matter what style or design have in mind, Sedar always delivers.


Unique designs

Delicate, elegant and unique, Fujikawa's collection of non-woven wallcoverings from Sedar inspires creativity and transforms your living spaces.

Designed and made with the highest care, non-woven wallcoverings give any room a modern update and allow you to mix and match accents and patterns for impact.


Endless options

Fujikawa's collection of non-woven wallcoverings come in wide variety of styles, designs and prints to offer simple solutions to your décor needs and ensure your spaces ooze ambiance. These high quality wallcoverings make for a chic and sophisticated look.

No matter how you choose to style your home, Fujikawa's unique wallcoverings have a design and pattern to suit your requirements.