Light Sensors

Smart solutions

Somfy's curtains are packed with light sensors, which make them the number one choice for any space. The light sensors make your shades automatically adjust, so that they lower when the sun is shining or rise when there is no direct sunlight.

Somfy's light sensors and motorised curtains make your afternoons more enjoyable and protect your home and family from the summer heat.

Stylish and convenient

Somfy's 'smart' curtains are specifically designed to meet all customers' needs and offer convenience with the touch of a button.

Both energy efficient and cost-effective, the intelligent motorized curtains from Somfy offer practical solutions for your home and help control the temperature inside.


Improves indoor lighting

With the ability to adjust the degree in which your curtains open and close, Somfy's curtains can improve indoor lighting. With Somfy's light sensors, you can create natural light in darker rooms to enhance the look of your room and furniture.