Customisable Folding Doors


Sedar offers endless solutions for your home and décor needs. Each and every collection at Sedar has a wide range of suitable options for your living spaces, including Marco Polo's customisable folding doors.

Customers can view our extensive collections, featuring a variety of colors, styles and patterns, in each of our showrooms around the Middle East.


Smart solutions

As well as drapes, accessories and windows treatments, Sedar also offers smart solutions for your spaces, including customisable folding doors.

Ideal for small areas and tight spaces, Marco Polo's folding doors are durable and lightweight, making them a good alternative to partition screens or traditional doors.


Multiple uses

Lightweight and made to fit between any space, Marco Polo's customisable folding doors are highly durable, easy to clean and designed to withstand the effects of time.

Suitable for homes, offices, clinics and many other locations, our folding doors are versatile, functional and stylish.


Wide variety

Marco Polo's folding doors are available in a wide variety of different wood finishes, colors, materials and textures.

Need a smart solution for your home and want to revive and revamp your spaces? Look no further then the customisable folding doors from Sedar. 

Marco Polo's wide selection of styles and finishes ensure you find a folding door to suit your home and design theme.