Marco Polo

Curtains and Fabrics Designs


Browse our huge collections of curtains and find the best fabric and design to match your rooms and add a touch of luxury to your rooms.

Marco Polo's luxurious fabric collection turns even the most simple interiors into lavish living spaces.


High quality

Our collection of curtains are meticulously selected to provide your home with the functionality and ambiance you require.

Marco Polo's collection of curtains and fabric features high quality materials made from pure silk, chenille and other quality textiles. 


Endless variety

Each and every piece in the Marco Polo collection features an exciting array of colors, patterns and textures to suit all needs.

At Sedar, it's our goal to create works of art for your home. We cater to a wide range of tastes, offering fabrics that feature everything from florals to damasks to stripes.

The missing piece

Windows treatments may often be overlooked in favour of more prominent furnishings, but they're essential to tying your theme together.

A drape or curtain could be the missing piece your room needs to realise its full potential. With Marco Polo's collection of drapes and curtains, making an impact in your home is simple.