Jewellerized Lace Curtain Trimmings

Make your curtains glow and sparkle with this set of trimmings from the Swarovski collection, the perfect décor solution for your home. 

Swarovski's trimmings have been designed to complement the design of your curtains and add style and luxury to your living spaces.

Of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, our trimmings can transform your living environment into a source of creativity and inspiration.


Expert design

Featuring tassels and crystals, Swarovski trimmings are designed with a classic theme in mind to instantly add sparkle to your drapes and curtains.

Our experienced team of designers and experts are in tune with our customers' desires and create works of art to enhance the look of all rooms and living spaces.

Add Swarovski's sparkling trimmings to your curtains and immediately see the difference they make. Available in a range of colors to suit all needs, every home is catered to at Sedar.

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