Classic Curtain Trimmings

All of the accessories in the Marco Polo collection are small yet striking. They have a huge impact on the look and feel of your window treatments. 

Sedar's accessories are a small touch that complete the look of your window coverings and create ambiance in your home.

Decorate your drapes and curtains with Sedar's accessories and window trimmings. Whether your curtains are tied back or left to fall over your windows, the Marco Polo collection completes any look.

Instant update

Our wide range of accessories will never let you down. Lift your home to luxurious new heights with opulent trimmings from the Marco Polo range.

Decorating the edges of your Marco Polo curtains with vintage-style trimmings can instantly update your living spaces and add the finishing touches.

There are wide range of trimmings available at Sedar showrooms to suit all tastes and interior design themes.


A work of art

Sedar's collection of window trimmings, tiebacks and tieback holders have the ability to transform your home into a design masterpiece and ensure it never feels dated.

Each and every detail in the Marco Polo range is a source of style and elegance. Sedar never fails to impress its customers with its comprehensive range of drapes accessories.