Classic Tieback Holders

The Marco Polo collection features a range of accessories, including curtain tieback holders, to complete the look of your window coverings.

Each and every item in the Marco Polo accessories collection has its own purpose. Each accessory has been made with care to ensure quality, function and style. 


Functional and stylish

Marco Polo's tieback holders are made from materials including steel, wood and crystal to create a classic look in your home. As well as being functional and providing support to the drape tieback, Sedar's tieback holders are stylish and enhance the look of your windows.

Marco Polo offers a wide range of choices to match your chosen curtain fabric. Whatever the colour, pattern or texture, Sedar has something that blends seamlessly with your theme.

Create ambiance and dazzle your guests with Marco Polo's range of glossy curtain tieback holders.


Different designs

Sedar offers a wide range of curtain tieback holders featuring various designs to ensure your accessories match perfectly with your drapes and tiebacks.

Inspired by Italian heritage, Marco Polo's vintage-style tieback holders are the perfect choice for creating luxury and ambiance in your home.