Bespoke Curtain Tieback Holders

Frame your windows

Antartica's tieback holders offer a stylish way to pull curtains to one side, help frame your windows, set the mood, create ambiance and let sunlight into your living spaces.

Instant style

Designed to match your drapes rails and tiebacks, this range of tieback holders from Sedar has the power to turn even the most simple curtain into a chic window covering.

Available in a extensive range of shapes, sizes, styles and colors, our collection of tieback holders complement your shades and instantly enhance the look of your curtains.

Elegant themes

The most sumptuous finishing for your windows, Sedar's tieback holders create a neat and ambient look for your curtains, allowing them to hang freely from each side and elegantly frame your windows.

Antartica's tieback holders are available in a variety of colors to match your curtains, décor and tie the design of your interior together.