Motorized Curtains


With Sedar’s motorized curtains, opening and closing your curtains is as easy as the touch of a button. Somfy's motorized curtains are the perfect solution for large and hard-to-reach windows, enabling you to lower or raise them from the comfort of your sofa.


Smart system

With the motorized shades from Somfy, you can now take charge of your blinds and schedule them to open and close at any time of day you choose.

Life has never been easier with Sedar’s smart curtains, a reliable home improvement to cater to your needs.


Style and functionality

With Sedar’s motorized curtains, you can perfectly align your curtains without the need of dangling robes, which can harm the overall look and feel of your window coverings.


Boost security

With an additional timer feature, Somfy motorized curtains can be programmed to open and close on a timetable of your choosing. This can increase increase security in your home, especially when you go on vacation.