Classic Curtain Cornices Joiners

Sedar offers a range of accessories to complement your window coverings and transform your living spaces into works of art.

The Marco Polo collection from Sedar includes a wide range of curtains add-ons, including joiners, to dress your windows and enhance the look of your home.

Small details, such the joiners, can lift the appearance of your rooms and turn your home into a haven of luxury.

Classic design

Carefully designed and carved by our team of experts, Marco Polo's joiners add a classic accent to your curtains and living spaces.

Marco Polo's joiners are expertly shaped and finished with glossy paints to enhance the look of your curtain cornices.

Small touches such as these can instantly change the look of your rooms and revamp your living spaces.

Wide variety         

Marco Polo's collection of joiners are available in a variety of colours, styles and designs to suit all needs. Visit one of our showrooms to see them for yourself.

Each of Sedar's curtains comes with a complete set of accessories, so you'll have no trouble finding a joiner to match your interior. Head to one of our showrooms now and choose from a wide variety of styles.