Customisable Curtains Gatherings

Graceful gatherings

Looking to transform a simple curtain into a stylish window covering? Sedar's range of Antartica curtain gatherings are the perfect choice to dress up your windows and add style to your home.

Hanging options

Antartica's curtain gatherings offer different hanging options to create a number of  looks. They can be pleated using a wide variety of gathering methods to fit with all window sizes and designs.

With Antartica's range of gatherings, you can create a neat look, which oozes style and luxury.

Antartica's range of gatherings instantly create a neat look, transforming simple rooms into a space which oozes luxury and elegance.

Customizable curtains      

Whether you decide to hang your curtains in a big room or a smaller space, our customizable curtain gatherings are tailored to fit your windows and are extremely durable, withstanding the weight of even the heaviest fabrics.