Classic Cornices

Marco Polo's range of accessories are designed to fulfil the needs of all of our customers and enhance the look of every window treatment.

Accessories have the same effect on drapes as they do on clothes. They complete the look and smarten up your windows.

Marco Polo creates accessories which are designed to integrate fully into the theme of your home and harmonise with your furnishings, window treatments and wall coverings.


Italian design

With its Marco Polo range, Sedar offers a selection of vintage-style cornices, which add ambiance and style to your living spaces.

A standout in the field of design, Marco Polo's cornices feature unique carvings inspired by traditional Italian art, and are available in a variety of classic colours.

Sedar has mastered the art of quality design and production and Marco Polo's collection of cornices fill every setting with luxury and elegance.


Endless options

Sedar's stores and showrooms feature a wide range of classic, neo-classic and contemporary designs to match your home and decor theme.

Our collection includes a host of different colors and designs, and Marco Polo cornices are custom-made to fit all window sizes.

Stay tuned for more designs to come featuring Sedar’s signature craftsmanship and high quality designs.