Curtain Accessories

Curtain Accessories

Even the smallest details matter when creating an exquisite look for your home and accessories are integral to establishing a unique theme.

A curtain might be the right platform to add subtle ambience to a room, but it's the accessories you pair it with that add the finishing touches.

Each curtain textile available at Sedar has its own set of accessories, such as drape cord weights and rails, which perfectly tie together each look.


Complete collection

Our range of accessories are made to suit all styles of home and include embellished carpets, cornices, gatherings, drape cord weights, corners, rails, tiebacks and many more.

Each piece has been made to exceptional quality and in accordance with the craftsmanship and aesthetics that Sedar is renowned for.


Transform your home

Sedar sets itself apart with its extensive range of accessories that are guaranteed to transform your home into a work of art.

With Sedar accessories, you can find the perfect item to complement your décor and add a simple, elegant touch without cluttering the room or drawing attention away from a prized centrepiece.

Creativity and craftsmanship

Our designers are armed with knowledge on the latest trends and styles to provide creative solutions to your home and offer innovative designs and ideas. 

The impact of our accessories goes far beyond aesthetic. Our range encourages creativity, with owners given the option to customize their home down to the last detail. We assure you that our designers have what it takes to turn your dream home into a reality.