Combi Shade Blinds

Combi Shade Blinds

Sedar exceeds in providing the latest and the most innovative designs in the windows treatment arena and Fujikawa is at the forefront. We turn big ideas into reality with our range of Combi Shade Blinds, which offer advanced light control.

Fujikawa pairs comfort, convenience and a streamlined design with the most advanced window technologies to offer blinds which are both stylish and savvy.


Innovative design

With Fujikawa's Combi Shade Blinds, you can easily adjust the level of light coming in to suit your space, allowing you full control of the level of shade, privacy and ambiance.

Combi Shade Blinds are made with a single piece of double-lined fabric which rotates around a dual roller. This innovative design represents a breakthrough in window coverings.


Stylish and sustainable

As well as being highly durable, Fujikawa's collection of Combi Shade Blinds are made of quality materials to prevent deformation and discolouration. The fabrics are also smooth and glossy, crafted using a special stitching technique to prevent the threads from unravelling.

Combi Shade Blinds are tailor-made to fit your windows and come in an array of different colours, finishes, styles and sizes to suit all spaces.

If you want a versatile option with optimal sustainability look no further than Fujikawa from Sedar.