Chronis Timer

Easy living

With an automatic mode that allows you to schedule opening and closings time for your curtains, Somfy's Chronis timer offers easier living all year round.

Using only one remote control, you can open or close Somfy's curtains from the comfort of your own sofa at any time of day.


Security and safety

With Somfy's automated scheduling feature, you can also stimulate presence even when your home is empty. It is these high standards of safety and security that makes Sedar curtains your number one choice.


Energy saving

The Chronis timer features a twilight function and takes into account the weather to conserve energy. As well as lowering your shades in the summer to protect your house from intense heat, they automatically react in winter to improve insulation.

Easy to use

For those who prefer to take charge, the Chronis timer also offers a manual mode, where you enjoy control over the movement of your shades at any time of day.