Health Wallcoverings


As well as curtains and accessories, the Fujikawa collection features cleanable wallcoverings in order to meet the demands of all customers. 

As the number one provider of curtains, shades, wallpapers and window coverings, Sedar offers this one-of-a-kind collection of health wallcoverings.


All purposes

Fujikawa's health wallcoverings are a practical solution for those in need of a wallpaper that not only looks and feels stylish, but is also functional. 

The anti-bacterial wallcoverings are easy-to-clean and including scratch-resistant features, making them ideal for any room.

Concerned with protecting your family’s health? It's better to use the health wallcoverings from Fujikawa.


Various designs

Customers can choose from a wide range of designs, including wallpapers for the living rooms, kids' room or the hall. They're also convenient for public spaces such as hospitals.

Fukijawa's selection of of health wallcoverings include a wide variety of styles, colours, sizes and designs to fit all spaces and provide solutions for all. Finding a style which blends seamlessly into your theme is simple at Sedar.