The Fujikawa range of curtains and accessories combines modern and traditional elements with striking designs to offer a unique mix of styles that will elevate your home to new heights.

The Fujikawa collection fuses the old with the new. Both vested in the past and loyal to its heritage, the range also embodies a contemporary feel, with accessories such as cubed wooden tieback holders and modern wall coverings. 


Customise your home

A collection of stylish curtains and accessories including wooden and venetian blinds, wallpaper, drapes and pillows gives your furnishings a bespoke feel.

Even the seemingly simplest and smallest items, such as joiners, corners, and drapes rails, add a unique touch to your living spaces.


Innovative designs

The Fujikawa range of blinds, wall coverings, curtains and accessories embraces the most innovative designs and technologies while also remaining true to its traditional roots and classic aesthetic.

Sedar's Fujikawa collection has something to suit every home. You'll find a broad selection of natural colours and timeless designs coupled with the most advanced techniques to provide the best solutions for your home.


Smart and stylish

The basis behind the Fujikawa design is smart but savvy. Pairing simple fabrics and natural colours with advanced automation and technology, the result is a concept that is both stylish and effective. 

With its built-in automation, classic styles and streamlined designs, Fujikawa is the best option for contemporary abodes and living spaces, where functionality and aesthetics are of equal importance. 

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