With Amazona blinds, you don't need to travel across the world to immerse yourself in exotic locations. These unique blinds feature striking designs, incorporating elements of nature and wildlife into your home.  

A statement piece in animal print will immediately add edge to your living room and with Amazona collection from Sedar, you can tap into your creativity and imagination. Featuring animal prints including leopard, zebra and tiger on various textiles, adding flair to your home is easy with Sedar's wide range of curtains, blinds and shades.


Design your home

Offering guaranteed durability and a variety of products, the Amazona textile range is a source of home inspiration, whether you're choosing textiles for curtains, shades, roman blinds, throw pillows or bedroom pillows.

Whether you're considering the Amazona range for your living room, bathroom or bedroom, Sedar offers a wide range of solutions that can be adapted to your mood, design inspiration and needs. Just picture the effect of a zebra print pillow on a neutral-themed room.

In Sedar, we are responsible for making all your dreams come true, be it transforming your bathroom into a tropical rainforest or adding exotic animal accents to a bedroom.


Statement pieces

Looking to redecorate an entire room or add a touch of the unexpected to a certain area? The Amazona range adds a touch of drama without clashing with your home's interior design, theme and textiles. Mix and match animal print pillows on your living room sofa and watch as it transforms the room into an exotic paradise. It's like having a rare slice of nature right there in your home.


Impress your guests

The Amazona textile range from Sedar is unexpected, fun, elegant, not to mention a conversation-starter. Step outside the box and get ready to impress your guests with these striking pieces from the Sedar range.

Next time you're in Sedar looking for inspiration or to make a statement, choose your textiles from the Amazona range. 


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